Waste Heat Recovery

Crown Towers – Melbourne CBD Victoria

ECI worked with EPSA in the design and fitment of two Caterpillar gen-sets in the basement car-park at the new Crown Towers. This included skating and raising of the sets into position, designing and manufacture of the Waste Heat Recovery Units, installation of exhaust silencers and all associated plumbing and pipe-work as required.  The installation became complex when the area was deemed as flood prone – necessitating significant re-design and subsequent elevation of all componentry, including the generator sets. 

The system is able to utilise the recovered heat from the exhaust system to provide hot water for the motel. If this is not required, the system can simply be placed into bypass mode allowing the heat to dissipate into the atmosphere.

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Fiona Stanley Hospital applies Waste Heat Recovery Innovation

Exhaust Control Industries recently completed two Waste Heat Recovery Units for a customer in Western Australia. The two units, to be fitted at Fiona Stanley Hospital, are one of the largest ever steam production units produced in Australia.

ECI undertook the design, manufacture and testing of the units as a singular project, ensuring all compliances and codes for steam operating pressures were met. The gigantic size and weight of the waste heat recovery units (approx 9 tonne each) required careful handling and special transportation.

These units are representative of ECI’s manufacturing capabilities, and positively illustrate the many untapped opportunities for heat recovery in Australia. For further information contact ECI.

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