Victorian Gold Mine combats carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons & diesel particulate...

ECI recently developed a custom Predator silencer for a major Gold-Mine in Victoria. The mandate was simple - develop an exhaust silencer that treats the emissions as well as making the machine substantially quieter - and for a highly competitive price!

ECI engineered a custom exhaust silencer with an in-built Predator purifier - effectively treating the carbon monoxide, odour causing hydrocarbons and the diesel particulates. The silencer also reduces the exhaust noise substantially - enabling the machine to operate for longer hours during the crucial night-time restrictions.

ECI were able to engineer a product that was especially hard-wearing, eliminating problem areas such as flat ends and corners - proven areas of failure as a result of vibration cracking. The silencer was also manufactured using stainless steel - highly corrosion resistant and ensuring long-life of the unit. ECI are proud that we can offer custom engineered solutions to our clients - developed, manufactured and owned here in Australia!