Diesel Exhaust Treatment

Catalyst Systems

Reducing harmful emissions in diesel, chemical and industrial operations.

Catalyst Coating

Catalytic coatings for soot traps and flow through catalysts in both ceramic and metallic substrates reduce harmful emissions in chemical and industrial processes as well as from diesel exhausts. ECI offers unlimited flexibility in custom designing special catalytic and washcoat coatings to suit a broad range of applications.

Oxidation Catalyst Systems

Oxidation catalyst systems are used to reduce harmful exhaust gas emissions such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons from diesel and gas engines in both stationary and mobile applications. 

ECI can supply and install a range of oxidation catalyst systems designed and manufactured for particular applications. There is also a complete range of combination silencers/catalytic

Predator™ Particulate Catalyst

Predator Particulate Catalyst is an open filter structure, developed to trap particulate matter in LD and HD diesel vehicles. Predator can reduce particulate matter emissions by up to 80%.

Diesel Soot Filters

Diesel engines operating in close proximity can be a source of potentially harmful carcinogenic particulates and smoke causing emissions as well as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

ECI designs and manufactures diesel soot filters that will reduce up to 90% of particulates from diesel engines in both mobile and stationary applications.

Typical locations require lowering in soot emissions include;

  • underground mines
  • tunnels
  • quarries
  • high rise buildings
  • warehouses
  • vehicles operating in densely populated areas,
  • docks and ship holds
  • airports.

ECI Diesel Soot Filters have a coated ceramic full flow substrate with the channels at one end open and the outlet end plugged, efficiently trapping smoke particles. The catalytic coating interacts with the collected soot to oxidise the soot into carbon dioxide, a gas and water vapour which passes through the filter. This process is call regeneration and results in a clean filter.


  • Filter housing is manufactured from high grade stainless steel for corrosion resistance and long life.
  • The ceramic filters are coated with precious metals and formed into a honeycomb life cross section, providing a large contact area for exhaust gases.
  • ECI diesel soot filters are self cleaning, do not wear out and will remain active for many thousands of hours.