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Exhaust Control Industries, the air and noise pollution control specialists.

For over 30 years, ECI have provided complete turn key solutions for air and noise pollution control locally, and internationally.  ECI are the leading designers and manufacturers of Tri-Gen, Co-Generation and SCR Technology in Australia.  ECI provide solutions to a wide range of industries and engine manufacturers for diesel, petrol and gas fuelled engines. Read More >

Browse the website to learn more about the ECI product range including SCR NOx abatement systems, catalytic systems, diesel soot filters, waste heat recovery silencers, mufflers and acoustic enclosure products for a wide range of applications.

Latest News

EXHAUST CONTROL INDUSTRIES AUSTRALIA JOINS NSW EPA CLEAN MACHINE PROGRAM On 31 January 2014, Exhaust Control Industries Australia Pty Ltd (ECI) became a certified supplier of exhaust after-treatment devices for non-road diesel equipment with the New South Wales Environmental Protection Agency (NSW EPA) Clean Machine Program.

ECI helps Telstra reduce generator emissions! Facing significant noise and exhaust pollution problems at its flagship Exhibition St Exchange Building, Telstra engaged Exhaust Control Industries (ECI), who analysed Telstra's situation and implemented a range of effective, tailored solutions..

Victorian Gold Mine combats carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons & diesel particulate... ECI recently developed a custom Predator silencer for a major Gold-Mine in Victoria. The mandate was simple - develop an exhaust silencer that treats the emissions...

Fiona Stanley Hospital applies Waste Heat Recovery Innovation ECI recently designed and manufactured one of the biggest waste heat recovery units in Australia for WA Fiona Stanley Hospital...